Premium loan for anything

Need to borrow a larger sum of money? Current bank loans offer amounts in the range of 30 – 500 thousand crowns. But if you need a significantly higher amount, it can be more complicated. Loan and Credit offers one way to borrow up to USD 2.5 million from the bank.

Its Premium Loan is intended for all ordinary citizens, self-employed and entrepreneurs. The credit line of the Premium Loan ranges from USD 300,000 to USD 2.5 million. Premium loans can thus be used to finance large expenditures or as a home loan or as a business loan.

Terms and Conditions – Premium Loan from Loan and Credit


Premium loan from Loan and Credit is intended for anything. With this loan you can finance any expenses. The use of borrowed money is not limited. Premium loan from Loan and Credit offers you an amount from USD 300,000 up to USD 2,500,000.

The maturity of this Premium loan can be negotiated for 12 – 72 months (ie for 1 – 6 years). Loan and Credit charges a one-off fee of 0.8% of the loan amount (at least USD 2400) for loan approval.

Other fees associated with the Premium Loan are primarily the annual loan management fee. This is set at USD 960 per year (ie USD 80 per month) for a Premium loan from Loan and Credit. Furthermore, Loan and Credit requires that the loan applicant have a current bank account in the bank. If you do not have one, you can have it set up at any Loan and Credit branch before applying. The annual fees for the My Account option will cost you at least USD 816.

Additional terms of Premium Loan


In order to obtain a Premium Loan from Loan and Credit, you must present two identity documents at the bank (this is an identity card and some other identity document with a photo – passport, driver’s license, firearms license or other similar document). In addition, the Bank requires the submission of income documents. If you are a client of the bank and you have been paid to work for at least 3 months, no additional documents should be needed.

If you are a self-employed person or a self-employed person, you must submit tax returns to the bank when applying for a loan (for the last two years before applying for a loan).

The Perfect Loan from Loan and Credit includes insurance against inability to repay. In the event of an accident or otherwise unable to meet your obligations to a commercial bank, this insurance should cover your obligations.

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