How to apply for loans

On January 13th, Instertoste cut the ribbon of New companies at zero interest , the call for bids for young people under 35 and for women who are planning new business ideas and launching new companies. In the pot there are 50 million euros of loans to companies, but a few days after the opening of the call, the applications for the financing of Instertoste exceeded the liquid availability .


To request funding from Instertoste , it is necessary to register on the site and indicate your e-mail address to which a personal password will be sent to access the site.

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Once the credentials have been received, it will be possible to access the reserved area. Here you can proceed with filling out the application, upload the project business plan and attach all the required documentation.

To complete the request for the loan to Instertoste, it will be important to have a PEC address, a certified e-mail address, and a digital signature.


The questions are examined in the chronological order in which they were filed . Once the formal verification has been carried out, there will be an evaluation of merit followed by an interview with the professionals of Instertoste.


Request for funding from Instertoste, the documents to be attached

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Among the documents to be attached to the application, for companies already established there are the business plan, the applicant’s curriculum vitae, a summary statement, a declaration on pending charges and a company anti-mafia declaration. In addition, it is required to attach the cohabitant family declaration and finally the anti-money laundering declaration. As for companies not yet established , it is required to attach to the application, the business plan, the curriculum vitae of the applicants and the declaration of conformity to the original documentation.

On the Instertoste website there is the facsimile of each document to be attached to the application to proceed with the loan request.

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